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With a world population growing by the day and governments continuing to put their heads in the sand it’s vital that as individuals we create the momentum needed to make the changes. That is why I am proud to be an ambassador for the Great Gardens program as it works so effectively to inspire and empower communities to make real and lasting change"

James Lush, ABC Broadcaster & corporate film producer

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A lucky winner....Great Gardens Autum Series Prize Pack


Congratulations to Sally P. of Applecross. By simply registering and attending the Piney Lakes workshop in April 2012, Sally is the lucky winner of our Autumn Series prize pack....read more

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If you haven't learnt it by now you have got to get out there, do the right thing and cover any bare soil and garden beds with a rough, coarse mulch to stop the soil drying out and your plants suffering. Mulch can slash your water loss by up to 70% and could be gravel if you are in a fire-risk area.
Sad as it is even the best wetting agent will only last 2-3 months and so you may need to reapply now. Remember the 'finger test' - if the soil is not wet 2cm down half an hour after watering you have a water repellency problem.
Nothing beats getting out under cooling natural plants when the heat is getting you down. Find a shady spot under an iconic aussie tree or sit out in the garden in the evenings. Visit www.actbelongcommit.org.au for more information about mentally healthy communities
Remember if the sun hits a surface or wall at this time of the year it is going to heat up so break that insidious cycle.  Shade cloth, scatter rugs, shade sails -anything will do and they will all help to keep you and your home cooler.
There is a reason why watering is banned between 9am and 6pm - it just isn’t very efficient.  Most of the precious water applied at this time will be lost on a hot day before it gets to your plant roots.
Add one cm or two to your lawn length by raising the height of your mower blades.  It will keep the soil cooler and reduce moisture stress and water loss.